We do not provide a translated version of this website. However, we receive a large amount of questions every year – many of them similar, covering almost all parts of the festival. We have therefore compiled a list of frequently asked questions which gives you the ability to grasp all the important aspects of the festival, without the need to browse the German website. If you have a question which we do not answer here, please feel free to drop us a message (English spoken):


With the entry into force of the Corona Ordinance for Baden-Württemberg in the version with effect from 28.01. we assume the implementation. We will inform you in the coming days about further details and kindly ask for some patience.

We opt for the so-called „2Gplus“ rule: double vaccinated + daily updated rapid test (not older than 24h). Exceptions to the compulsory test: boostered persons, i.e. recovered and vaccinated persons who have received their booster vaccination. Vaccinated persons with completed basic immunization or convalescents with a subsequent vaccination, if at least 14 days and not more than three months have passed since the last required single vaccination.

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The Euro Dance Festival, held yearly since 2007 at the Europa-Park near Freiburg, Germany, is Europe’s largest dance workshop festival. For six days, the world’s best dancers give more than 550 workshops and courses: Standard, Latin, Discofox, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Tango Argentino, Lindy Hop, Swing, Hip Hop, Breakdance and more. For every level – from beginner to professional. Additionally, spectacular shows await the visitors on the first four evenings of the festival. A dance fair with various merchants and exhibitors completes this extraordinary six-day experience!

The Europa-Park in Rust near Freiburg is Germany’s largest amusement park. It is set in a delightful and culturally rich region near the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland. Europa-Park is a genuine crowd puller attracting over 5 million visitors a year. The park itself is closed during the time of the festival which allows us to occupy almost every venue – ranging from French bistro to classic ball room.

2022: March 1st – 6th

2023: February 21st – 26th